The Livestock Data for Decisions (LD4D) Community of Practice arose out of discussions at a meeting of the Supporting Evidence-Based Decisions (SEBI) project in Rome at the end of January 2017. Participants at the meeting agreed that it would be useful to establish a CoP to support better use of data in decision-making in the livestock sector in Low and Middle Income Countries.

The overall objective for the CoP was broadly agreed as “Livestock practitioners are empowered to improve the quality and relevance of decision making by and through access to and utilization of fit-for-purpose livestock data and analytics”.

In addition the five initial pillars of the CoP were defined as:

  1. Brokering supply and demand
  2. Sharing best practice
  3. Facilitating and sharing use of datasets, tools, analytical outputs and methods
  4. Access to expertise
  5. Training, capacity building and mentoring

Header image photo: Z. Sewunet (ILRI)