Livestock Key Facts Update

At the June 2017 LD4D meeting, a Livestock Facts working group was established to identify and review lists of livestock key facts. The Livestock Facts working group identified that another project, Global Livestock Advocacy for Development (GLAD), was operating in this arena. GLAD is a BMGF project tasked to help counter unbalanced narratives and to increase understanding of livestock-in-development dialogues. Amongst other things, the GLAD project is distilling evidence around livestock ‘goods’ and ‘bads’ as well as developing a user-friendly toolkit giving access to livestock evidence, facts and key statistics as well as a learning module to help people better advocate livestock-for-development issues.

Louise Donnison, SEBI data analyst, represented LD4D at the GLAD meeting at ILRI, Kenya in October 2017. This meeting discussed and reviewed progress on this topic. It has been proposed that LD4D will be involved in evidence collation and assessment for this initiative. We hope to engage with GLAD again at the LD4D meeting in Kenya in February and will be discussing this with the GLAD team.

Photo credit: C. Schubert (CCAFS)

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