LD4D meeting Hanoi, November 2018

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Photo: Native pigs in Dak Lak, credit: Kat Orbizo (ILRI)

From 28-30 November 2018, the Livestock Data for Decisions (LD4D) Community of Practice met in Hanoi, Vietnam

Meeting objectives

  • LD4D working group progress updates and future work plan development for the community
  • Address big questions in the livestock data sphere and debate our collective role in addressing these:
    • What is needed to make an impact through livestock data?
    • Livestock data quality – how good does data need to be? How can data quality be improved?
    • How should we go about communicating livestock ‘facts’ in ‘post truth’ world?
  • Offer LD4D members a platform to share new concepts/innovations and to network


Header Photo: Native pigs in Dak Lak, Vietnam. Part of ILRI's Livestock Portrait Album. Photo: Kat Orbizo (ILRI)(source)

Presentations and session videos

Password for presentation downloads: livestockdata

Day 1 – Impact (Wednesday 28th November)

0845 – 0900

Welcome and introduction

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Andy Peters (SEBI/LD4D), Shirley Tarawali (ILRI), Shannon Mesenhowski and Stan Wood (BMGF), Tong Xuan Chinh (DLP/MARD), Nguyen Do Anh Tuan (IPSARD/MARD)
0940 – 1000

 Introducing LD4D

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Download presentation

 Karen Smyth (SEBI/ LD4D)

Session 1 – Making an Impact Part I

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1030 – 1150

Setting the context – why data for livestock impact?

Introduction – why does LD4D need to get a handle on impact?

Download Maggie’s presentation

BMGF, DFID & USAID – What is impact? Why is impact important to you? What should we measure? What does success look like?

Download Hannah’s presentation

Download Tim’s presentation

Stanley Wood (BMGF)

Maggie Gill (session chair)

Andrew Bisson (USAID)

Hannah Reed (BMGF)

Tim Leyland (DFID) 

Session 1 – Making an Impact Part II

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Grantee Impact Modelling Working Group  – CSIRO and ILRI are undertaking a smallholder impact evaluation of GALVmed’s work

Download Neil’s presentation

Mario Herrero (CSIRO) and Neil Gammon (GALVmed)

Consolidating outputs from BMGF animal health investments – SEBI will update on their pilot study for BMGF on reviewing grantees outputs.

Download Louise’s presentation

Shannon Mesenhowski (BMGF), Louise Donnison (SEBI/LD4D) and Gareth Salmon (SEBI/LD4D)
1150 – 1200

Modelling Consortium update

Download Tim’s presentation

Tim Robinson (FAO)
1200 – 1215

Livestock data for decisions in Vietnam

Download Chinh’s presentation

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Dr Tong Xuan Chinh, Deputy Director General, MARD Vietnam
1215 – 1230

Synthesis of the Impact discussion

Download Tim’s presentation

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Tim Robinson (FAO)

Ethiopian Livestock Data Demand Study

1445 – 1500

Feedback, achievements and methodology

Download Brian’s presentation

Download Hannah’s presentation

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Hannah Reed (BMGF) and Brian Perry

The Global Burden of Animal Disease (GBADs)

1500 – 1515

GBAD – What is it and what will it aim to achieve?

Download Jonathan’s presentation

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Jonathan Rushton (Uni Liverpool)

Gridded Livestock of the World (GLW) 3.0

1520 – 1530

Introduction to the new GLW

Download Tim’s presentation

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Tim Robinson (FAO)


Day 2 – Data quality (Thursday 29th November)

Password for presentation downloads: livestockdata

0830 – 0900

Welcome, review of existing working groups and reporting back from Working Group discussions

Download intro presentation

Download Demand Study WG presentation

Download Impact Modelling WG presentation

Download Global Burden of Animal Diseases WG presentation

Download Making an Impact WG presentation

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Alan Duncan (SEBI/LD4D) to lead, with rapporteur from each Working Group

Session 2 – Raising the standards

A consideration of what is meant by data standards. Do we need them in the community to improve interoperability?

0900 – 1000

Panel discussion:

  • Data standards and ontologies
  • Other options for interoperability

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Tim Robinson (FAO) (chair), Steve Kemp (ILRI), Keith Weibe (IFPRI), Mario Herrero (CSIRO), Dolapo Enaharo (ILRI) and Hannah Reed (BMGF)

Session 3 – Data Quality – Rubbish in – Rubbish out?

An opportunity to discuss data quality. When is data good enough and is there anything we can do to improve the situation


Improving on the ground data collection and training

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Louise Donnison (SEBI/LD4D) and Orsolya Mikecz (FAO) (chairs)
 Introduction to sessionOrsolya Mikecz (FAO)

Data portal: types of data collected by the community and types of projects

Download presentation

Louise Donnison (SEBI/LD4D)

Improving data at source – training enumerators

Download presentation

Roy Woolley (GALVmed)

Training for reporting – challenges in reporting notifiable diseases

Download presentation

Alex Cook (vHive)

Overcoming the challenges in gathering reliable data – sales data at source

Download presentation

John Muthee (Acumen)

Creating quality data- experience from R&D

Download presentation

Alex Brink (Clindata)

WAHIS experiences in global surveillance systems and challenges

Download presentation

Paulo Tazzini (OIE)
 Discussion: What can the community contribute to data quality improvements? 

Synthesis of the sessions 2 and 3

Watch recording

Roy Woolley (GALVMed), Hannah Reed (BMGF)

Panel studies role in data quality

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1415 – 1430

Details and room for development in the LSMS

Download presentation

Harriet Kasidi Mugera (World Bank)
1430 – 1445

LSMS from a user’s perspective. Areas for development and the role of other household studies e.g. Rhomis

Download presentation

Mark van Wijk (ILRI)
1445 – 1500Questions from the floor and online audienceAlan Duncan (SEBI/LD4D)

Day 3 – Communicating facts (Friday 30th November)


Welcome and reporting back from Working Group discussions 

Data Standards WG presentation

Data Quality WG presentation

Modelling WG presentation 

Watch recording


Session 4 – Communicating livestock facts in the misinformation age

A consideration of effective and responsible communication to inform conversations and debates

0930 – 1015

Chat show

Watch session recording

 Introduction and aimsVanessa Meadu (chair) (SEBI/LD4D)

Livestock Fact Check – reactions, developments and the future

Download presentation

Gareth Salmon (SEBI/LD4D)
 Strategic approaches to livestock advocacyShirley Tarawali (ILRI)
 Influencing the global debate through research and engagementMaggie Gill (Uni Aberdeen)
 Translating data to key messages: Communicating through High-impact publicationsMario Herrero (CSIRO)
 Moderated panel discussion with questions from audienceAll

Session 5- Connecting the community


Working Group synthesis (new and existing)

Download day 1-2 WG synthesis

Download Livestock Facts WG synthesis

Download Communications WG synthesis

Download LD4D future synthesis 

Alan Duncan (SEBI/LD4D)
1100Future Development of LD4DKaren Smyth (SEBI/LD4D)

Final report back from Working Group discussions

Any other topics to discuss (from the Holding Pen)

Activities 2018-2019

Wrap up and prize-giving

Next meeting 


Working Group rapporteurs and SEBI

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