Livestock decision makers’ data needs: who, what and how?

How do we support livestock decision makers to use data and evidence?

This session is for anybody who generates or works with livestock data and wants to better inform decision making. LD4D members shared how they are working to understand and respond to livestock decision makers’ data needs, with examples from low-and middle-income countries.  

Why join? 

  • Get practical guidance for understanding who your decision makers are and what their data needs may be. Explore the guide to Understanding Livestock Decision Makers' Data Needs 
  • Learn about technical data challenges as well as the behavioural challenges around data use for decision making.  
  • Share your own experiences in supporting livestock decision makers.  
  • Propose specific challenges that the LD4D network might address.

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Why we’re here: the case for understanding decision makers’ data needs ​

Bernard Kimoro , Head of Climate Change and Livestock Sustainability Section, Kenya Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development and LD4D Steering Committee​

Why and how do we approach a data problem from a behavioural science perspective? ​

Marilyn Moin, Analyst, Busara Center for Behavioural Economics​

The LD4D Decision Makers’ Data Needs study: what we did and what we learned ​

Vanessa Meadu, Communications & Knowledge Exchange Specialist, SEBI-Livestock​

Understanding and responding to decision makers data needs through the aLive programme in Ethiopia ​

Beverley Hatcher-Mbu, Deputy Director of Programs, Development Gateway​

Working with data users in Kenya through the Jameel Observatory ​

Gary Watmough, Interdisciplinary Lecturer in Land Use and Socioecological Systems, University of Edinburgh ​