LD4D takes on CGIAR’s Big Data in Agriculture Livestock Community of Practice

Karen Smyth represented LD4D at CGIAR’s Big Data in Agriculture Convention which took place in Cali, Colombia in September 2017. The Big Data in Agriculture Convention of 2017: An Alliance for a Data Revolution, aimed to align the international scientific community to ‘’inspire a data revolution and to celebrate the intersection of big data and agriculture’’. The event gathered together the international community of scientists, researchers, technologists, development experts, policy analysts, donors, advocates, change agents, last mile implementers, and many others to a convention at the intersection of big data and agriculture. Topics covered included how big data can transform smallholder agriculture, enabling farmers to boost food production and respond to pressing challenges such as climate change. Around 300 attended the 3 day event. For presentation and videos from the event please follow this link http://bigdata.cgiar.org/big-data-in-agriculture-convention-2017/

Livestock Key Facts Update

At the June 2017 LD4D meeting, a Livestock Facts working group was established to identify and review lists of livestock key facts. The Livestock Facts working group identified that another project, Global Livestock Advocacy for Development (GLAD), was operating in this arena. GLAD is a BMGF project tasked to help counter unbalanced narratives and to increase understanding of livestock-in-development dialogues. Amongst other things, the GLAD project is distilling evidence around livestock ‘goods’ and ‘bads’ as well as developing a user-friendly toolkit giving access to livestock evidence, facts and key statistics as well as a learning module to help people better advocate livestock-for-development issues.
Louise Donnison, SEBI data analyst, represented LD4D at the GLAD meeting at ILRI, Kenya in October 2017. This meeting discussed and reviewed progress on this topic. It has been proposed that LD4D will be involved in evidence collation and assessment for this initiative. We hope to engage with GLAD again at the LD4D meeting in Kenya in February and will be discussing this with the GLAD team.
For more details on the recent GLAD event please see-  https://news.ilri.org/2017/10/12/beyond-meat-and-methane-advocating-sustainable-livestock-production/

LD4D meeting – plans moving ahead!

The SEBI team is busy working towards the next LD4D meeting. We are working on a draft programme which we will send to you shortly for your thoughts.
The next LD4D meeting will be held in Kenya the week beginning 19 February 2018. To keep costs down, we would like to start booking flights and secure your accommodation very soon. As before, we will fund 1 LD4D member from each institution. Antonia Robb, SEBI Administrator, will be in touch shortly to discuss your flight options.


The Livegaps2 project, under SEBI Program 2, identifies ways to maximise yields in livestock systems for poverty alleviation, global food security and sustainability. They achieve this by using new information from surveys and livestock monitoring systems to develop livestock and household simulation models. For more information please check out the new LiveGAPS 2 Website.

Under Construction!

In response to the LD4D meeting, the Secretariat has plans afoot to make considerable improvements to all aspects of its communication. We intend to revamp the website, develop media and communication tools and bring in specialist support. Please bear with us while we put our plans into action

CGIAR – Platform for Big Data in Agriculture

Karen Smyth – SEBI Deputy Director will represent LD4D at the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture Convention in 19-22 September 2017.  This activity emerged from the LD4D meeting in June 2017. A position paper on LD4D and its data related activities was prepared and will be presented to the Big Data in Agriculture Steering Committee for consideration. It is hoped that this will result in LD4D playing a prominent role in this community.  More to follow!